Executive Committee

Peter Mazebe Sebina

Peter Mazebe II Mothataesi Sebina

President, Botswana Library Association

Peter Mazebe II Mothataesi Sebina, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Library and Information Studies and Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Humanities, University of Botswana. He serves on the editorial board of Archival Science and has previously served as deputy editor of the ESARBICA Journal; is the current President of the Botswana Library Association and a committee member of the Records and Information Association of Botswana; also sits on the Archives Advisory Council of Botswana. Peter was also part of a team that developed the national library policy of Botswana. His PhD is titled ‘Freedom of Information and Records Management: a learning curve for Botswana.’ He has published and presented extensively on Freedom of Information, its relationship with records management and plays an active role in the campaign for the legislation in Botswana. Peter has been involved in records management improvement exercises and studies in Botswana, Northwest Province of South Africa and Zambia. Included also are library improvement studies in Botswana. His research interests include: advocacy for library, archives and records management; legal aspects of information management; Freedom of Information and Privacy laws and their relationships with records, library and general information management; information management for transparency (including budget transparency) and effective citizen engagement and participation.
Batlang Comma Serema

Batlang Comma Serema

Vice President, Botswana Library Association

Batlang Comma Serema is the Vice President of Botswana Library Association. A Senior Lecturer of Business Information at the University of Botswana’s Department of Library and Information Studies, where he has taught business processes, systems and information marketing since 1997. He is the author of Renewed Hope – A Repackaged Practice Policy Making in Botswana published in 2010 and Celebrating 50 years of BDP, recently published. Dr. Serema was Chairman of the Board of Botswana National Youth Council Agricultural Enterprise and member and Secretary of the BNYC Board 1999- 2002. He was the Chairman of the BDP Publicity Committee which prepared for elections in 2001 – 2004. In 2005 – 2011he became the Chief Executive Officer of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). Earlier in his career, Dr Serema joined government in 1991 asAssistant District Officer (Lands) advising local authorities namely the land boards, Tribal Administration, Councils and District Administration on land use matters before being promoted to the Botswana Parliament in 1993 to work as Senior research Officer advising Members of Parliament and the House of Chiefs; writing their research papers and speeches.
Bongiwe Magocha

Bongiwe Magocha

Deputy Chief Editor, Botswana Library Association

Bongiwe is Head of Library and Information Services at Botswana Accountancy College, and she has worked for Lesotho National Teachers Training College as an assistant librarian for three years. She moved on to work for Botswana Library services at the national Veterinary Laboratories as a librarian for three years. She has been with BAC for the past seven years. Her main job as the head of Library services is to ensure that the library puts in place functions and processes that support the core business of the college, which are teaching, learning and research. Bongiwe is a team leader in spearheading issues of information literacy across BAC curriculum, and research. She also has a deep passion on ICT tools for information access and library promotion activities. Bongiwe is the former Secretary of Botswana Library Association for 5 years, she is currently the deputy chief editor of the association. She is the current standing committee member of IFLA Africa section representing Botswana. She also sits at the academic board for the department of Library and information studies at the University of Botswana.

Lynn L. Jibril

Mrs. Lynn L. Jibril

Chief Editor, Botswana Library Association

Currently a Librarian at the University of Botswana Library, Mrs. Lynn L. Jibril is the current Chief Editor for the Botswana library Association (BLA) and pioneer of the Botswana Secondary Schools Librarians Association. (BOSSLA). She has considerable teaching experience in secondary school education and has presented several papers at the BLA national conferences. She is also Board Member of the advisory Board of the Department of Library and Information Studies at the University of Botswana. Her main interest is in information literacy and related issues. She is a beneficiary of the IFLA training of trainer’s workshop in information Literacy as well as an award winner of the IFLA/CILIP award for the year 2013. Mrs. Jibril is a strong advocate for school libraries and has co-authored a position paper presented to the Ministry of Education and Skills Development on the role of the school librarian and libraries in the education system in Botswana. She has also pioneered a project where she transformed Matlala Secondary school from a traditional library into a modern day state of the art library with internet connectivity and high level technology to enhance teaching and learning in schools. Lynn Jibril holds a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Botswana, a Bachelor’s degree in Library and Information studies as well as a Diploma in Secondary Education.

Oarabile Mancha Rakgamanyane

Oarabile Mancha Rakgamanyane

Treasurer, Botswana Library Association

Oarabile Mancha Rakgamanyane is a Librarian/Archivist in the Department of Library Services, University of Botswana. She holds a Master of Library and Information Studies and Master of Education (Counselling and Human Services) both obtained from the University of Botswana. Ms Rakgamanyane is the current Treasurer and Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee of the Botswana Library Association (BLA). She is also the current standing committee member of the IFLA Academic & Research Libraries section which is the international forum for all concerned in this area. She is the Treasurer of the Botsalano Primary School (Tlokweng) Parents and Teachers Association (PTA).She serves actively in  various committees such as the Tlokweng Resource Centre, Botswana Counseling Association (BCA) and MmadikoloSaccos. Her research interests include information literacy,archives and records management, digital library, digitisation and e-government.
Sam Chimbombi

Sam Chimbombi

Membership Coordinator, Botswana Library Association

Sam Chimbombi holds a Bachelor of Information Systems (Information Management) from  the University of Botswana and a Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Studies from University of Nairobi (Kenya). He is currently the Botswana Defense Force (BDF) Information Services, Director. As BDF, Information Services Director, he is the head of BDF Libraries, Records Management Units, Military Archives and Museum. He directly advises the BDF Commander on the functions of the BDF Information Services stated above. He was appointed to his current position in August 2000. Before his current appointment he served in various Commands as an Artillery Officer. He is an officer who has a strong leadership and command. Who values duty, integrity, team work and discipline.
Tiny Toto

Tiny Toto

Secretary, Botswana Library Association

Tiny Toto is Senior Librarian for the Botswana Defence Force, and holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies. She started her career at Botswana National Library Service (BNLS) in 2004. She is a currently employed as a Senior Librarian at Botswana Defense Force, Defense (BDF) Command and Staff College (DCSC). Her main achievements at DCSC includes but not limited to; lobbying and receiving a 6 BWP million grant from the Chinese Ambassador and pioneering the Establishment of DCSC 2020 Strategic Plan. In 2008 she was head of Department of Agricultural Research Library. In 2009 she was employed by Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) as a Research, Information Dissemination & Networking (RIDN) Manager. At BNYC she lobbied and advocated for youth representation in parliament and councils, conducted research on issues affecting youth in Botswana. She also researched on mainstreaming of Youth Issues in the Public Sector (The research resulted in the appointment of Youth Officers in all line Ministries).
Kgomotso Radijeng

Kgomotso Radijeng

Ex Officio Member

Kgomotso Radijeng is the Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation Resource Centre Coordinator. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB) from the University of Botswana (1999), a Masters degree in Library and Information Science (MScLIS) from the Catholic University of America (2002), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Knowledge and Information Systems Management from the University of Stellenbosch (2014). She has worked as a librarian since 2000; first as the Law Librarian at the University of Botswana Library (2000-2007), Resource Centre Coordinator at BNPC (2007- 2014), and Resource Centre Coordinator at BITRI (2014 -). She has presented extensively on issues related to copyright, open access, institutional repositories and information in the digital environment. In 2012 -2014 she participated in the IFLA international Leaders Associates. Kgomotso is the immediate past President of the Botswana Library Association and she currently sits in the Association Executive Committee as an ex office member.
Thatayaona Makhale

Thatoyaona Makhale

Publicity Secretary, Botswana Library Association

Thatoyaona Makhale is a Librarian in the Health Science Section of the University of Botswana Library (UBL). Prior to joining the University she was a Regional Librarian for the South Central Region and once a Publicity Librarian at the Botswana National Library within the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture. She has also worked in the Publicity Office in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture where she was responsible for the implementation of the Ministry’s Communication Strategy. She began work in the libraries as a volunteer teacher librarian in 1998 when she began her teaching career that spanned twelve years.

As a Librarian in the Health Science section of UBL, she is charged with responsibility of training Health Science and Medical staff and students in Information Literacy, assisting in research work in terms of providing relevant information resources. She is currently involved in the Wikipedia and Duo Charts project of translating medical terms into Setswana for use in Medical facilities around the country. Thatoyaona possesses a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies (2009), Post Graduate Diploma in Education (1998) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (1997). She has also received extensive training in Advocacy for Libraries sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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