26 June, 2008

Sub-Theme –“Copyright and IP”        

  • Managing Copyright in Archives and Manuscripts: The African Perspectives - Prof Nathan Mnjama
  • Free Access to Knowledge for all – Kgomotso F. Radijeng

Sub - Theme: Sub - Theme: “Libraries of the Future”

  • Library as a Learning Organisation: Future of academic libraries -Priti Jain

Sub -Theme –“Forging effective partnerships between libraries and government”

  • Forging Effective Partnerships between libraries and the government -Monei Seduku

Sub-Theme:“Challenges of School Libraries”              

  • Challenges of School Libraries in Africa -J. Robert Ikoja Odongo
  • The Role of BOSLA in Meeting the needs of School Libraries in
  • Botswana -Stella Naledi Madzikigwa
  • Botswana School Libraries: Challenges and Prospects for the Future – By Lynn Jibril, Teacher Librarian Kelemogile, CJSS.

Sub-Theme:“Information communication technologies (ICT) and indigenous knowledge (IK)”

  • Using Information Communication Technologies to Protect and Promote Indigenous Knowledge: the role of public libraries in Botswana -Kgomotso H. Moahi, LIS
  • Indigenous women and ICTs: Are you sure that is my priority? -
  • By G. Maphakwane, UBL

Sub-Theme: “Institutional repositories”          

  • Institutional repositories as a benchmark for digital scholarship –Priti Jain, Science Librarian & G. Bentley, Senior Archivist, niversity of Botswana Library

Sub-Theme: “Development of Library Collection”

  • Developing library collections: a highlight of key issues -By Dr Arinola Adekanmbi, Librarian of Broadhurst Primary School

Sub-Theme:“Marketing of Library Service”           

  • Marketing of Libraries and Information Services -Simon Samuel Sekiete

Sub-Theme:“Revitalisation of Botswana Library Association”

  • The Role of Library and Information Professional Associations in National Development. -Prof. Stephen Mutula
  • Great Expectations for a Library Association: The Case of Botswana –By F.K. Tawete, UBL

Sub-Theme: “The national Vision 2016 and libraries”

  • Easy accessibility to Libraries as a Necessary Condition for Improved Standard of Living: A case study of Botswana by Kolawole -By I. Oladeji