Botswana Library Association

about us

The Botswana Library Association is an association for information workers,including librarians,documentalists,archivists, and others.It is the national body that represents their interests and helps shape their service delivery.


Objectives of BLA as laid down in the constitution are as follows:

  • To unite all persons engaged, or interested in library and information services by holding conferences, meetings and seminars among others.
  • To encourage the establishment, improvement and promotion of libraries and information services.
  • To improve the standards of library and information practice
  • To improve the status of library and information workers
  • Edutech: Stationery To collect and publish regularly (as proceedings, journals, bulletins, newsletters etc.) information of benefit to its members, or for the promotion of the aims and objectives of the association
Our Vision

To become a dynamic, innovative and leading voice in representing the interest of Library & Information Services and their users in Botswana.

Our Mision

To provide leadership for the development and improvement of Library & Information Services and the Profession